It's time to shop! There is so much work that can be done on your own time and in the comfort of your home. So I’ve provided you with the tools and inspiration to do just that in the form of my 30-Day Small Change Challenge and 3 EBooks. These online tools are a great way for me to virtually pop into your life and work with you when geography, time and budgets don’t allow for me to be there in person. The offerings below are an effective way to get started making small changes in your life.


30-Day Small Change Challenge
Life Takes Practice

The essence of The Small Change Project is in this 30-day challenge. It is hands-down my favorite offering. Designed for those of you looking to get down and dirty with some tangible exercises that will surely stick with you, but perhaps don’t have the resources to get my consulting package. This challenge is for you. Do this at home for 30 days and you will get the most all encompassing experience out of it. The small changes I’ve been using myself and teaching people for years are broken down into daily challenges that will give you the practice and skills to tackle anything life throws your way.


A video introduction filmed by yours truly
30 daily email prompts with guided challenges.
Reflective questions to enhance your learning and discovery
Tips on how to apply these changes in your daily life.
A beautifully compiled PDF of the entire experience at the end of your journey.

This challenge is so powerful and moving you will find yourself doing each one long after it’s over. It will give you that FINALLY feeling when you realize the simplicity of getting a great life.



Time and time again I’m seeing intelligent and somewhat successful people try to change their life or up their game while they can’t seem to manage to do their laundry or sort their mail without going slightly mad. No one can be their most creative, happy, and stress-free self with a home that is chaotic and unorganized. We only have so much energy, brain space and time. Why spend your valuable life commodities on fighting with your home? Our homes are ready to support our lives if we’d only let them. If you feel like you’re continuously battling life and can’t imagine the next step in accomplishing your goals your home is THE place to start.

This EBook is the ultimate DIY tool to creating a home that you love and that loves you back. Oh and looks good too. In this kit you’ll find all of the tried and true methods I’ve used successfully for years.


The most important guided exercise of The Small Change Project that will help you look at your home with a new clarity and understanding.
Lessons to teach you the skills to finally address key areas in your home once and for all.
And a strategic plan to ensure your new and improved home stays that way.
To top it off I’ll teach you how to capture the peace and creativity spaces your home has to offer.

*Bonus: It’s easy and it doesn’t hurt.

Love your home a little and it will love you back a lot.


Your Ideal Week Designed by You

Hey guess what? Your life doesn’t not need to be dictated by someone or something other than you. I know. It’s surprising, but true. I’ve lived in 3 states, 6 cities, many homes and have had countless jobs/titles throughout my life. I then started a company with the goal of helping other people while designing my own life. All of that leads to a ridiculous amount of experience designing a life that supports me and my goals. So now it’s time to share what I’ve learned with you. You can take a little bit of time making some strategic changes to your schedule, habits and methods of going through your week and voila! A week that works with you not against you.

In this ebook you will learn the ins and outs of designing a week that you love.


How to identify the stuff that is causing you frustration and holding you back.
How to take out the “have tos” and put in the “want tos”
How to effectively schedule a full week that supports you and feels pretty darn good.
How to start living your regular life in wonderful way.

In the end you’ll be amazed by the weightlessness of your shoulders and the smile on your face. This is the beginning of something great!