Small Change: Define the supportive role

March 2, 2015
The Small Change Project // Define the supportive role

When I made the final decision to write my book this year I knew that it would be a major, MAJOR task. I would need to change how I was doing things currently in order to fit in hours of writing …Read More

Small Change: Find your Kyrptonite

February 17, 2015
The Small Change Project // What's your kryptonite?

I’m pretty good at keeping our house clean. Ok, I just lied. I’m terrible at keeping our house clean, but the systems and organization we have in place keep our house tidy. It doesn’t matter how gung ho I am …Read More

Small Change: address your behind the scenes

February 10, 2015
The Small Change Project: Address your behind the scenes

Well, you’re a good ways into the new year which is about the time you realize things aren’t quite going as planned. {Do they ever?} You had grand intentions even if you didn’t make a resolution and still you’re stuck. …Read More

Start your own #homeHAPPYhour

February 6, 2015
The Small Change Project // HomeHAPPYHour

Today is my beloved’s birthday. We have some wonderfully low key things planned for the weekend with lots of time together and little effort. I won’t go into all the reasons I love him and how great he is because …Read More

A Big Announcement + A Favor

January 29, 2015
The Small Change Project // A big announcement + a favor

Last week I shared some news with my email list. I was really scared to share it, but I should have known better. They’re response absolutely blew me away and reminded me how much support I have. I’m not sure …Read More