A life together FOR 2 people VS. 2 People IN a life together

August 28, 20142 People IN a life together vs. a life together FOR 2 people
2 People IN a life together vs. a life together FOR 2 people

  You’ve chosen you’re partner and they’ve chosen you. You’ve combined lives, schedules, groceries and you even manage to share the covers at night – most of the time. You’ve declared to many that this is your soul mate. You’re …Read More

The one birthday question I always ask

August 26, 2014Don't push. Just let the magic happen.
Don't push. Just let the magic happen.

When I was in college I was lucky enough to have some really intelligent and mindful women mentor me. They were incessantly supportive and positive. Whenever someone in the office had a birthday we’d all gather together and one of …Read More

My Magic Birthday!

August 21, 20142014-03-12 16.40.32
2014-03-12 16.40.32

When I was young (like before I could drive young) I thought that once you were 28 everything was great! When you turn 28 you have all the cool stuff like a house and a fun car and a dog. …Read More

Tell Your Stuff How You Feel

August 19, 2014tellyourstuffhowyoufeel

A couple weeks ago I shared what it means to go from daily grind to daily gratitude in this video. That was just the beginning. Today I’m sharing an exercise you can use to actually practice daily gratitude.   Because …Read More

How to Start Your Own Small Change Project

August 14, 2014startyourownsmallchangeproject

  Recently – as in the effects are still pouring into my inbox – I published a 3 part story to my email list. I had intended for this 3 part story to be more business-y. To teach the process …Read More