Going From Daily Grind to Daily Gratitude

July 31, 2014fromgrindtogratitude

I define small change as going from daily grind to daily gratitude. It says so right there on my home page. That is a rather new definition for me that came to clarity after I experienced it first. Story of …Read More

5 lessons for 5 years

July 29, 2014movingacrossthecountry

5 years ago yesterday we hopped on a plane and moved from Minnesota to Louisiana. It was quite literally the start of our own Small Change Project. We just didn’t know it yet. It was also my mother-in-law Lori’s birthday. …Read More

Why is the home so important?

July 24, 2014the importance of your home
the importance of your home

*photo credit   It was less than a month after I decided to make a big part of my business about setting up your home to support your ideal lifestyle that we started house-hunting. It happened very organically and sort …Read More

Try This Tuesday: Tag-team the everyday

July 22, 2014tagteamtheeveryday

‘Try This Tuesday’ is a weekly series dedicated to new ideas, tried and true methods, and simple solutions for experiencing life while rocking your day-to-day. Go ahead, try it! Before officially declaring my new focus I consulted my business advisor/focus “group”/lifestyle …Read More

The art of the delightfully chill weekend

July 17, 2014delightfully chill weekend
delightfully chill weekend

After returning from our trip the first week of June (on a Sunday night) we proceeded to spend 5 straight weekends either traveling in MN or house hunting to the extreme. (We look at 10 houses in one day.) Needless …Read More