Never fight over the dishes again! Get my 3 step process and become the master of your day-to-day.
Free. Excited. Clear about what you want
+ how you’re going to get it.

Sound good? I thought so! At The Small Change Project, I’ll show you how to make small, intentional, totally doable changes that will add up to a lifestyle you’re thrilled about. No scary, overwhelming, I-can’t-possibly-sustain-this suggestions, just little steps that lead to amazing things. We’re going to minimize frustrations + maximize happiness and create a better partnership between your work and home life. Ready to make some small changes that lead to big impact? Let’s go!


The Small Change Project // Your actions are either helpful or hurtful

Are your actions neutral?

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  I spend a lot of time with Jina which – even if we weren’t biz partners – is great for me! I get to absorb all of her knowledge that she shares with equal parts conviction and facts. I can’t say …Read More

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