Never fight over the dishes again! Get my 3 step process and become the master of your day-to-day.
Guess what?
Your daily life, is your whole life.

So why not make it smooth, easy and enjoyable? You already know that just being here, going through the motions is not enough. Here at The Small Change Project I’ll teach you how to make small, intentional, totally doable changes to make today, tomorrow and the next day better. No scary, overwhelming, I-can’t-possibly-sustain-this suggestions, just little steps that lead to amazing things. We’ll tackle your home, schedule and relationships to minimize frustrations + maximize happiness. Because THIS is your WHOLE life. Ready? Let’s go!


The Small Change Project // Define the supportive role

Small Change: Define the supportive role

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When I made the final decision to write my book this year I knew that it would be a major, MAJOR task. I would need to change how I was doing things currently in order to fit in hours of writing …Read More

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